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    Meet Dr. Molter, DC

    Structural Engineer for the BodyStructural Symmetry is elite body work and movement training for performance, injury recovery, and chronic pain.Learn More
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    Leading The Way

    In Chronic Pain Relief & Injury RecoveryA unique body work treatment and training system that untwists your body from head to toe and teaches you how to remove the causes and, therefore, the symptoms of chronic pain Learn More
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    Facial Symmetry

    A Truly Unique ExperienceRestores the natural shape and symmetry of your face and head which deeply relaxes & heals your neck and facial muscles, increases blood-flow, and relieves chronic pain. It feels wonderful! Learn More
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Premium Healthcare

Caring for your structural balance contributes to your overall health and it's an integral part of your ongoing premium healthcare plan. Add structural healing to your existing healthcare schedule. View our services  
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Medical Counseling

After an unfortunate skiing accident, and spending several years self-healing, Dr. Mike chose to focus his life on healing others who are badly injured individuals. He can help you recover and heal yourself. Learn more  
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Emergency Services

Dr. Molter can deal with your emergency situations, pre-surgical care, and other issues you may be looking for answers to. Contact Dr. Mike an schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation today. Learn more  

Did you know? Dr. Molter helps athletes.

Healing The Body

Watch what our recovered patients have to say:
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Our Services

Learn more about the services Dr. Molter can provide for you:
Olympic movement training and posture mechanics have changed considerably over the last 15 years. Michael Johnson, the 2000 and 2004 double gold medalist, was the first most visible example of the so-called “stand up straight runners.” Unlike the previous generations of runners who leaned forward and ran off their toes, the current generation of athletes tend to rotate their pelvises backwards and balance over their mid-feet and ankles. Continue Reading  
Whether the source of chronic pain is an old injury, an automobile accident, or a lifetime of bad posture. If your pain is chronic, then it isn’t what happened to you in the past that’s keeping it chronic. It’s how you are mechanically re-injuring yourself in the present that is keeping you in chronic pain. Chronic pain is almost always the result of some chronic re-injury process that we are repeating. Continue Reading  
Whether through injury or teenage onset, scoliosis has long been considered irreversible. Therefore, most spent their whole life with a crooked spine, uneven shoulders, and twisted posture. A body that isn’t properly balanced is held back athletically and ages poorly. The impact of scoliosis is not limited to physical pain. Scoliosis also hurts self-confidence and self-esteem. Continue Reading  
Acute injuries, whether minor like ankle sprains or major like those from a car accident, are best treated as soon after the injury as possible. This is because most acute injuries twist the body’s joints, bones, and soft tissues into positions that can cause a good amount of additional damage (re-injury) after the accident. This is because the twisted and misaligned joints and muscles can become new repetitive stress (re-injury) syndromes. These additional re-injury syndromes can cause more inflammation and can become another source of chronic pain. Continue Reading  
Surgery is an extremely important and life changing event in a person’s life. While every effort to make surgery the last resource and option for pain in traumatic injury, there are times when surgery cannot be avoided. Pre-surgical alignment of the joints and surrounding muscles, bones, and soft tissues can greatly improve your surgical outcomes. Continue Reading  
Restoring arches, minimizing bunions, healing plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, and treating sore painful feet are the outcomes of Structural Symmetry’s foot treatment and movement retraining. While many people think flat feet and bunions are either irreversible or something you’re born with, these techniques restore the shape, mechanical function, and beauty to feet and arches. Continue Reading  
It is sad and unfortunate how many people, women in particular, suffer from painful, misshapen, arthritic hands caused by years of typewriter and computer use. These hands also lack strength, function, and coordination. They lack beauty but this can change. Continue Reading  
Facial Symmetry Treatments are facials that restore the structural symmetry, alignment, and balance to the structures of the face and head. Uneven cheekbones, ears, and eyebrows, crooked noses and smiles, and even asymmetrical eyes and skull bones (bumpy spots) are straightened and gently aligned. The treatment feels great. While this treatment protocol was initially developed to treat traumatic head and facial injuries, it has the surprising outcome of restoring symmetry, alignment, and beauty to the face, head, and skull. Continue Reading  
Beauty is a word that has different meanings for different people. When we speak of beauty here at Structural Symmetry, we are referring specifically to the beauty that symmetry, alignment, and balance can bring to a human face, our bodies, our posture, and our movements. Whether this is beauty in athletic competition, modeling, or just for our own enjoyment, balance and symmetry play a key role in every realm. Continue Reading  

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"Health and Fitness are what make you feel vibrant and full of life!" - Dr. Mike Molter of Structural Symmetry

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Dr. Michael Molter, Doctor of Chiropractic

Chriropractor Physician

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"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." Hillary Jenkins of Structural Symmetry

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